Monday, 17 September 2012

Falling to pieces

Heyy :) So I haven't been very well yet again since writing my last post. I've been off work quite a lot and had many trips back and forth to the hospital which is always fun and games. I'm a bit miffed with having been so very ill now because I had so many plans for September. Today I was supposed to be going to a friend's in Sheffield to look at historic houses, but alas I had to cancel. Tomorrow I'm off to the Firewind/ Leaves Eyes gig in Sheffield and Fri-Sun I'll be in York for Warhorns Fest and also to see my Mum :) And to make this post a bit more interesting, here are a couple of things I'm currently coveting after <3
So pretty!! I'm one of those people who is a bit worried about how I look in a body con but because this is sculpted I think I should be able to get away with it :) H&M, £19.99
A fishnet body suit. I love how this looks and completely transforms an outfit. What do you think of these? xxx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Red Birds Escape From My Wounds And Return As Falling Snow

Hellooo :)

So how are we liking my new layout? I adore it! XD

I've been very, very busy recently whilst also being rather ill :( and in fact even though I had a welcome back at work today I can envision a trip to the hospital tomorrow as I think I may have gotten a rather nasty skin infection. Bloody brilliant timing with my birthday on Wednesday and going to Huddersfield on Tuesday for drinks and larks. Ugh. Stupid body :(

But yes, the new layout is to compliment the style of my Etsy shop which will be opening in due course, as soon as I take some product photos :)

I also graduated on Wednesday just gone. It was a beautiful day and there was lovely architecture, tea & cake, and later pizza... what more could one want?

I've also been purchasing bits and pieces (more Primark attire ;) ) and also a khaki coloured dress which I can't seem to find online, nor have a decent picture of so you'll just have to go without :p

And I've been getting my craft on XD by making a cork board message board. It is by no means perfect but I do love how it turned out <3

What do you think of my purchases and DIY? :)