Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sacred Illusion

Hey everyone, I need to stop leaving it so long in between posts!

Dress: Asda Sale in Summer £5 Tights: Primark

I absolutely love this dress as it fits so well. A lot of the time I find George dresses to be too long but this one looks good, not to mention it's a beautiful colour and just fits in with my style perfectly.

My health still hasn't improved and all my days seem to be merging together. I can't believe it's mid-October already. I just can't believe how much life seems to be running away from me!
But on the more positive side the boy and I are house/ flat hunting because we're fed up of our current digs. I also have a job interview on Friday for a seasonal job working for the National Trust as an assistant conservator! I'm so excited, but also nervous about whether I'll get it. Chin up and that :)
Hope everyone is well?