Monday, 27 May 2013

Bake Sales & Butterflies

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Nothing substantial has happened in the last couple of weeks other than having to work and the possible answers arising as to why my health is how it is. If you're interested you can read more of that on my other blog which I created specifically to talk about my health.

And to make this post a bit more interesting, here are some lovely things I've found on H&M's and Wilkinson's websites.

Wilkinson's £12
H&M 14.99
H&M £6.99

This weekend has been good, despite me being ill. Well Friday and Saturday were good anyway! On Friday my friend Hannah came to stay overnight to help support our Bake Sale we held at my place of work in order to raise some more money and awareness as to why my other half is running 1000km for the National Eczema Society. We had every intention of making all of our goodies gluten and vegan free to entice more people but we were so rushed on Friday that we only managed to make a couple of things. It was a fantastic day anyway and we managed to raise a whopping £152.77!!!

Pictured: Me, Shane and Hannah

As you can see from the picture, it was torture for 3 cake fiends to be sat in front of a table full of yummy cakes for 6 hours and not being able to eat any of them. We did however take a trip to Bunty's tea rooms for a much needed cup of tea and slice of heaven (cake). Delicious irony.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Shabby Chic Cheap

So recently I've been getting some more home ware bits and pieces.

This heart wreath was bought from B&M about a month ago for £1.99. It's actually attached to a curtain rail that is also from B&M but I haven't taken a proper photo of it as I still need to put the ends on. The bathroom caddy is also a B&M goody. It was £16.99 I believe and was kindly bought for me by my Mum. We've been needing more bathroom storage for a while and this does the job well.

I got a couple of mason jars from my recent trip to IKEA for £1.39 each. I've used one for buttons, the other one will probably end up with the same use though I might just hang on to it for something special. The pot on the right is actually a plant pot! I've seen this on various different blogs and thought it was so cute. I don't have much to do with flowers or gardening however so for now it is housing various craft bits on my shelf.

I purchased 2 of these lampshades from Asda on Sunday reduced down to only £4 each! I love the pattern and they go with the red painted walls of our rented house so much better than the crappy cream ones we had. Those crappy cream ones are the sort that have a cut out pattern to create a pattern on the ceiling but otherwise restrict much light from brightening the room so these are 1000 x better. The kitchen roll holder is actually a bog roll holder but it basically holds the same purpose and I was fed up of having no where to put the kitchen roll, so this is a cute alternative; £3.99 from B&M.

I just thought I'd take a picture of our kitchen door with the prize Cath Kidston oven gloves that probably won't get used as we already have 2 others. Plus I'd hate for them to get ruined! Also a selfie of my outfit today featuring the china print top I've blogged about in a previous outfit post. Sorry if my pearly pins offend you :p

Friday, 3 May 2013

We're Heading Northe, Heading Home

*I will apologise in advance that the better quality pictures are at the bottom of this post*

On Tuesday I headed up north to see my family in County Durham. After a 2 and a half hour drive I took a break from the driving and my Mum whisked us up to the Metro Centre for a lovely day out.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (£20) , Ombre Cardi: Primark (£5 in sale), Boots: Barratts (years old)

Contrary to my miserable facial expression I was in a good mood; just squinting like hell because it was such a bright sunny day!

We started off in IKEA. I do love me some IKEA <3 We spent about £25 between us, with only £1.50 of that being my Mum's... I'll do a better post on what we got as hilariously I went to see my Mum with one overnight bag and subsequently came back with a car load. Spoilt isn't the word!

Mystery bits and bobs, courtesy of a blurry Twitter pic.

We also visited literally every shop in the Metro Centre and I couldn't believe some of the gorgeous bits that Topshop and Miss Selfridge had in their sale sections! 
Stunning dress in Topshop for only £15! So flattering too!

These beauties were from Miss Selfridge (L - £20 R - £10!)

I'm a bit miffed that I didn't purchase any of these lovelies but I think I had spent enough that day! I did however get a few bits from Primark and dress from H&M.


It must be said, I seem to be very drawn to blue dresses! This dress was £13 and I couldn't resist because it's firstly a lovely flock print, my favourite(!) and secondly it's a skater style, the most super flattering for me. The bra was reduced down to £3 and is very lovely quality. Primark seem to have upped the quality of some of their underwear and it feels somewhat of a luxury to wear! I couldn't resist the little bird, he was only £1.50 :)

I absolutely love this one from H&M. I try to stray away from black clothing due to my skin condition but I couldn't help myself with this. It was only £14.99 and it feels so soft with a flow-y chiffon material at the bottom and lace at the top with a see-through back. Lovely jubbly!

Hope you like this post! Have you ever been to the Metro Centre or bought bits from IKEA recently?