Friday, 28 December 2012

Fire Above, Ice Below

As the boyfriend's parents live on the West coast of Norfolk I decided to venture into King's Lynn on boxing day. Managed to bag some lovely things! Including this Toshiba laptop, which the boyfriend actually paid for because he owed me money. Nice one.

It's superb. Though it has Windows 8 which I DESPISE!!! Seriously. Horrid, horrid, HORRID! As soon as he gets back from his parent's he's going to install Windows 7 for me because I just cannot get on with it.

I then popped into New Look and purchased a couple of dresses.

This is a size 14 but I've been wanting it since I first laid eyes on it and it was only £6! I reckon it'll be an easy job to take in on the old sewing machine.

This skater dress was £10. Another one I've had my beady eyes on. It's lovely <3

I then popped into Primark just to have a look at what they had to offer. I found this absolute beauty. £15 which I personally find steep for Primark but by gum is it perfection?!! <3

Yummy. And it's a lovely thickish material as well! Lastly I purchased this lovely thick green cable knit cardigan for £5 and the knee-high socks for £2.50.

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