Saturday, 19 January 2013


Contrary to the title of the blog, I am not about to talk about a geeky yet practical type of outerwear...!

But some how I stumbled upon this brand, Anorak, who have the cutest stuff!!! For anyone who knows me, I am obsessed with deer prints and bird prints and being in black and white is even more lustworthy! So this brand are perfection.

Here are some of the things they sell:

I want all of this lovely stuff!! Some of it is very costly though. Maybe someone will treat me to a mug?? But the sleeping bag is fantastic!! Plus being cotton means even I can sleep inside it :D normal sleeping bag material plays havoc with my eczema so this would be a brilliant alternative.

This next lot is a bit bright for my liking but I still think they're all good pieces! I would definitely go for the bird coasters <3 beautiful!


  1. Loveeee

  2. Shouldn't have looked at this! Now I'm going to be spending ALL of my very little money on that site! :(

    haha great blog!

    1. It has so many good things :D I'm so sorry for introducing your bank account to it xD and thank you :) x


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