Friday, 15 February 2013

25 Random Facts About Me!

Thought I'd jump on the "x number of random facts about me" bandwagon because I've very much enjoyed everyone elses. I was actually going to do a video but I haven't had a good skin day for quite some time so that went completely out of the window! I've just stuck to 25 as I actually found it quite challenging to think of random stuff.

I hope you enjoy anyway!


1) I love metal music. People don't seem to realise this when they meet me in real life but I adore it. My favourite genres are power metal and melodic death metal, with some of my fave bands including: Sonata Arctica, Kalmah, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Judas Priest (more specifically the Painkiller album. Fuck. YES!), XIV Dark Centuries, Carcass, Nocturnal Rites, Iced Earth... and I could go on and on...

2) I hate my middle name but like it on other people. It's Helen.

3) I used to have piercings on both sides of my nose, centre labret, top and bottom of navel and 1cm stretched ears. I now only bother with my conch and tragus.

4) One of my jobs was in a beach arcade and included bingo calling. I was a hit with the old ladies ;)

5) My favourite colours, or in fact shades, range from blacks, greys, antiquey pinks, oxblood reds and burnt orangey hues. Yum.

6) I broke my arm when I was 5. It was the most bizarre accident where I went down a hill on my tummy on a skateboard whilst wearing roller skates. It broke in 3 places and looked like an extra bent elbow. I didn't cry once and just skated home, much to the shock and disbelief of all my friends.

7) I have an obsession with birds where I'll randomly just point and exclaim "BIRDDDD" in a stupid voice. <3

8) I'm a perfectionist in that I feel nothing is ever perfect.

9) My favourite perfumes are fruity smelling ones. My go-to's include Ed Hardy ones, J-LO Live, Any Escada or Nina Ricci.

10) I studied Geology and Philosophy at college and have no idea why I chose them. I also took Textiles& Fashion and English Lit, then later picked up Tudor History. Much more sensible!

11) I am very clumsy and ditsy.

12) My tea of choice is Typhoo. It's only £1 in the pound shops. 100 tea bags for One Great British Pound!! Easily pleased.

13) I hate spending over £1 for most products. It's a strange quirk I've acquired.

14) I was born in Kent but raised up North. My brother the opposite. He is the southerner, I, the northerner!

15) I met my boyfriend online on a metal music forum as I noticed he attended Lincoln University and I wanted to start up a Rock Society (as in the music of course... I still have no idea why I did Geology!) We never did end up doing it ourselves but our relationship was born :)

16) When my alarm goes off, I literally just roll out of bed and I'm entirely awake... usually.

17) Coffee is vile.

18) I am very much a cat person, yet have become severely allergic :(

19) I own too many printed dresses but I can't stop myself from buying them!

20) I could start up my own haberdashery.

21) Similarly, I could start up my own pharmacy.

22) This year I'll have been driving for 6 years. Jesus Christ.

23) When I was 6 we went on  holiday to Cyprus for a fortnight and I lost 7 of my baby teeth. Didn't matter what I ate, it could have been soup and a tooth would come out...

24) ...I caught the Tooth Fairy red handed when I got up in the morning and told my Mum that the Tooth Fairy hadn't visited. I went back to bed and caught her trying to swap my tooth for gold.

25) I still own a SNES and a Nintendo 64. I miss playing Alex Kidd on my Sega Megadrive :(


  1. IDE love to be a bingo caller lol xx

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  2. Great fats just come across your blog and i love it ;-)