Monday, 22 April 2013

Tweet Tweet

I've been after the bird print tea dress that came out in H&M a couple of years ago for absolutely ages now. At the time I believe it retailed for £29.99 which I'm too cheap to fork out for so decided to wait until it went into the sale or at least on eBay. Well that didn't happen because that person from Glee wore it and BOOM everyone wanted my dress :( I've been periodically stalking it on eBay but it's always gone for ridiculous prices or been in the wrong size. Well finally it's mine. Nabbed for £6 something including P&P and it's sooo pretty!

Not the most flattering of angles (thanks boyfriend) but it shows the dress in it's beautiful glory. Also do note the safety pin, despite the nice fit, it has button fastenings all the way down the front which means that there was a little gap. Not brilliant when with your boyfriend's family but I'd forgotten to bring a camisole top with me and so I had to basically make do and mend :p

It has the mostly lovely puffed sleeves and I like the shape of the hem, not that you can see it here, but it kind of dips and curls. I felt that as the dress is such a statement piece it didn't need to be outdone with any accessories, so I didn't. Though if I was going out on a night I'd probably wear a cute necklace too. It's also a lovely length to go without tights.

Dress: H&M via eBay, Cardigan: Primark, Boots: Barratts, Tights: Primark, Bag: Nica