Friday, 7 June 2013


The name of my blog derives from my Etsy shop of which I have huge ambition for to be a success. It may not seem it now, due to ill health, but I have so, so many ideas and half completed projects that have yet to see the light of day within my little shop. I hope to have some of them completed and ready for you to purchase in the near future. These pieces are created to showcase what I, myself, depict as ideals of beauty and I hope that you are able to see it too. From black and white silhouettes to ditsy floral antique coloured pieces to intricate Victorian inspired designs: I will create it all. Here are some of the things currently for sale in the shop & some that I've sold in the past.



Pink and black birdy design available in a double and single

And some sold out designs:

"Tweet Dreams" birdy design

"Oh Little Bird" Ditsy floral cushion

And if you think that it's only cushions and pillow cases that I create then you are very much mistaken. I have a whole variety of beautiful and stunning home wares that are in the pipeline. So keep your eyes peeled for those! :)

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  1. These designs are too cute! Especially the fox one. SO sweet :D