Friday, 11 January 2013

My Asda Bargains

Went to Asda yesterday and got myself some right little bargains!

First off these girls boots. Asda kids boots go up to a size 6 so you should never discount the kids section! £13! And they're so comfy. I know I'll get a lot of use out of them :)

Next up I got 2 of these men's white t-shirts in a size medium. 50p each! They will come in great for some crafts I have in mind :) - sorry they're crumpled to buggery!

Next up are these jars. They're very big in size and will also come in handy for some crafts. £1 each. I think they're usually between £1.75-£2.50 so a nice saving :)

I then bought this huge under the bed storage box for £5. Perfect for putting in gift wrap etc.

Finally. These were only 50p for the Maltesers and £1 for the Jelly Babies... so I got 2 of the former and 4 of the latter! I know it's naughty buying sweets but they've actually got decent sell-by-dates on them so as a bit of a cheapskate people will be receiving these as gifts ;D but seriously why spend the RRP on these things which is usually £1-2 for the Maltesers and £3+ for the Jelly Babies!?

Hope you're liking my cheap finds :)


  1. Love those jars! May have to buy some of them myself!


  2. Those jars are great, so handy!
    White tops always come in useful for crafts :) x

    1. Handy indeed, and the jars being glass makes them all the better :) xx

  3. Cute boots!!