Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My Favourite Footwear

Figured I'd write up a post on my most loved footwear. I tend to stick to flat or low heeled boots and shoes these days because I prefer the comfort and I've seemly developed a penchant for cowboy style boots! However, back in the day you would have seen me parading around in these bad boys which I actually wore at a festival last August and they were still exceptionally comfortable despite the fact I hadn't worn them for a good 7 years!

Not the best picture, but you get the point!! New Rocks with springs in the 4" platforms.

My everyday shoes consist of these: The first boots have been pretty much worn to death and now they leak :( they were £16 from Barratts a couple of years back and are actually the second pair I've owned. The second pair are the ones I recently blogged about from Asda kids section, £16. The wedge shoes tend to be the ones I'll wear when I go on a night out because they're comfy and give a little bit of height and are from Primark a while back. Slippers are from Asda £6. The last ones are every day shoes from New Look that the boyfriend bought me for Xmas! I do have tonnes of shoes, as I do with everything... but these are my most worn (apologies for the appalling photoshop xD)

I found these lot on the Next website that I quite like the look of...

1. I love these with their cowboy style. A firm favourite! 
2. These patent flatforms are lovely. I like how they're different to typical flat shoes.
3. I like the ankle strap but I'm not sure how practical it would be. Would be nicer without. I love scalloped edges!!

4. These are a lovely colour and I like the detailing.
5. Cat shoes! How can I resist? I'm still wanting some of these babies but probably in a ballerina style.
6. Dr Martens. I was actually talking to my friend the other day about needing some of these. I keep putting them off because of the price.
7. Pretty slippers with button detail! I'm a sucker for buttons xD

Hope you like them :) x


  1. thank you so much for entering lovely, good luck! xx

  2. I'm liking those patent flatforms, gotta love patent black at the moment, shiny is good!