Saturday, 26 January 2013

My Purchases

Thought I'd post some of the things I bought when I went shopping on Monday in York.

I don't normally buy anything from Topshop. Not because there isn't anything I like but I usually find it so overpriced and the sale stuff is usually disgusting but I spotted this diamond in the rough for £15! It's by a brand called Miss Patina and will need taking up and it is also sadly hand wash only but I thought it was a pretty little thing, with a spandexy texture. The collar and the sleeve length are fantastic, and the colour is a lovely mauve/grey colour... and polka dot hearts!! Managed to get it for a mere £5 as I had been gifted some vouchers for Christmas.

I went into H&M and ended up taking back the green dress I bought which can be seen in my vlog haul a couple of entries back. I just didn't think the shape flattered. This is one of the dresses I didn't buy initially because I wasn't sure how the colour would be with my skin tone but it is a beauty. I can't believe it's only £14.99! It fits so nicely and definitely flatters! The fabric used is also so, so soft. I feel like a princess in it! It also comes in a darker antique pink colour. Yummy!

Lastly is this stunning notebook from Paperchase. I decided to treat myself to it to use for my Masters course in September. It's really thick and each of the pages has a lovely pattern on too, which I wasn't able to photograph because my phone camera likes to hide details by giving all my photos a smoothing appearance annoyingly. It was only £6 which I found very reasonable for Paperchase.

So not a bad shopping trip seeing as I only ended up spending £11 on these items in total :)


  1. Love your picks, you have a nice taste :) x

  2. I love both of those dresses a lot xo

  3. Love the topshop dress! I usually stay away from there nowadays aswell as the prices have gone ridiculously high!


  4. I'm such a sucker for notepads, this cute one from paperchase is something i want!! Really like this H&M dress too xx

  5. Love the little note book, Really cute and unique!

    Pipp xx

  6. Love the name of your blog, so cute. And great buys- that Topshop dress is lovely
    Daniella x

  7. ah what lovely bits you got! the dress was such a bargain, love it!
    I'm never any good at sale shopping x

    1. Thanks love :D I wasn't as pleased this year with sale stuff as I have been other years but I can't complain too much :) x