Monday, 28 January 2013

Up-cycling Recyclables

In my New Year's Resolution post I said I was going to craft more to help be more creative and save money. Today I gave some empty jars a new lease of life, seeing as they would just end up in the recycle bin anyway! (don't judge my Smart price 'cos I'm skint!...)

Jam jar became this lovely little pencil pot

Pasta sauce jar became storage for some of my buttons

All it involved was washing out the remnants and scraping off the labels in hot water. Add a bit of ribbon and viola! Useful things :)

One day I might make a post about my craft room... when it isn't a complete tip and things are more organised and hung on walls etc. Anyone who is in any way organised would have a complete fit if they saw the state of that room. I need to completely sort out my storage because I'm not even joking when I say I could start up my own haberdashery! Seems that as I can't have cats to be a crazy cat lady I've developed a serious textile problem in its place and am now a crazy textile lady!

Oh dear.
Also adding stuff to Ebay so take a peek here!


  1. Lovely idea for something that would otherwise just be scrapped

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  2. Hey Jenny! Thanks for following me and your nice comment.
    These jars are adorable. I'm a big fan of using what could be junk as something useful. And there's nothing wrong with Asda Price, or Tesco Value, or Sainsbury's Basics!
    Just looking at your other blog, I'm sorry you're an eczema sufferer and I hope your condition improves. I had it quite bad when I was a baby (I was quite an ugly baby.) but now I only get it very mildly on my arms when the temperature changes a lot. Hope we can keep in touch!

    Cass x
    Undercover Dress-Up Lover

    1. That's no problem and thank you for your equally nice comment, I would love to keep in touch :) & I agree! I think even if I won the lottery I'd actually still be buying the basics because they taste about the same anyway when you make meals from scratch!

      Eczema is a funny thing in how it manifests itself. I always had it mildly but then grew into it, as others grew out of it. I must say though, you have inspired me with your photos being faceless because I always say I won't take outfit photos if I'm having a bad skin day, but why the hell not? I just need to get creative :) so thanks for that!xxx