Wednesday, 6 March 2013

In Love With Fashion

Here are some of my top picks that I am currently coveting from In Love With Fashion!

For some reason I was most drawn to the navy dresses 1 & 2, but blue brings out my eyes and suits my complexion no matter how my skin is behaving, and with their nipped in skater styles they were always gonna be on my radar weren't they? ;) I also love these skirts. The bow style one is supposed to be red but looks much more on the pink side to me, it's still gorgeous though! I love all sorts of delicate frills and fancies! The mint green lace skirt comes in various different colours but for some reason unknown to me I was most drawn to this one. I'm not usually one for pastelly colours but I can see it working well. I'm probably out of my usual depth, picking colours that I wouldn't usually wear but I do love them so I can forgive myself :D

The other items are by the lovely and whimsical Crown & Glory 1, 2, 3 who are featured as brands on the website, alongside Inkwear who create these very pretty fake tattoos 1 & 2. Brilliant for someone like me who has a condition that wouldn't allow for real ink.

There is currently a competition running over at E-Tail PR where you can win £200 to spend on In Love With Fashion. Perfect-o!

So what pieces have you got your eye on?