Sunday, 3 March 2013

It's The Little Things

So if you watched my Youtube haul video yesterday you'll know I said that I won some things over the past few days. It's just these little victories in life that make you smile and god knows I've been needing some kind of pick-me-up recently.

I've been entering a few competitions and giveaways lately because Emma from Purpleeerose wrote a post on her wins which really inspired me, and Victoria from Victorias Vintage seems to be lucky in winning things too.

I'll start with my prize from Hannah Zakari, which arrived moments after submitting my video to Youtube. I never expected them to send it as recorded mail, neither did I expect to receive as many goodies as they included! I'm completely overwhelmed :)

I clearly didn't read what I would win properly. I thought it would just be one item, not all 4 variants! As well as those stunning nail stickers - right up my street(!), postcard, blogger project postcards of some stunning bloggers who I already follow, and a catalogue too which also included some stickers. I am so, so pleased. My day was made :) Thank you Hannah Zakari! Anyone thinking of buying from them totally should. Everything is of the highest quality and made so well :)

Next up I won a Treat Box worth £10 from Patisserie Valerie via Twitter!

I was under the impression that I would just get what I was given but no, I was given free reign! That scared me somewhat and as you can see it ended up being all cakey cakes and mostly of the chocolate variety. Lots of people were jealous let me tell you ;D

I also won the Red Spotted Hanky competition via Twitter which won me £10 credit. Bloody fantastic!

And as another Victory the wine coloured lace Dorothy Perkins dress I blogged about on a Wish List the Wednesday before last momentarily came into stock in my size. I was quicker than lightning adding it to my basket, applying the 25% off code bringing both store pick-up fee (can anyone else believe they do that?!) and dress down to £20. I used a gift card I had from Christmas which stated a £10 balance and to my absolute joy found I had nothing more to pay. There was actually £20 on the card. SCORE! So the beautiful dress I was pining over is mine for absolutely nothing! It did however come in a torn package bag so it must have been sent back by another customer but I shouldn't really care because it didn't cost me a single penny :D


So thank you to all those involved, you have made me a very happy little Jenny Wren :) x


  1. Um, hello delicious prizes...both edible and not! xx

  2. Great prizes, glad my post inspired you. Competitions are definitely worth entering :). I've not been very lucky lately though, so fingers crossed for this month. Let me know if you win anything else, I love posts like this!

  3. What a nice haul! Maybe you'll get lucky again.
    Jillian - PS, if you have a moment, I'd like to invite you to check out the giveaway for a $50.00 gift card to Shabby Apple!

  4. You won some fab things! And I'm very jealous of the Patisserie Valerie goodybag, ohh I could just eat all of those right now!

    louisejoyb x

    1. Thanks :D I still kinda wish I had them... :( haha!x

  5. Ah, you're so lucky! I'd be totally delighted with all this. Enjoy your goodies!

    Emily Jane xo

    1. Thanks miss :D I was and still am completely overwhelmed!x