Saturday, 2 March 2013

Primark & Dunelm Mill Haul

My camera wasn't working properly to take detailed pictures of yesterdays shopping haul and then my laptop refused to save any recorded videos so I had to do it directly on Youtube. This is only the second video I've ever made so please be kind :)

I got purchases from Primark including a lovely marl grey cardigan, a nice floral/birdy printed top reminiscent of  delftware pottery, a feather print top and the notorious super cosy tights. I also visited the new and improved Dunelm Mill shop here in Lincoln where I purchased some fabric paint and a fabric pen. The paint is the cheapest I've been able to find it anywhere. The only peeve I have with the new store is that their craft section seems to be much more condensed, much to my dismay, but still an improved store nonetheless!

So yeah, please give it a like if you would be so kind :D

If for some reason you can't see the embedded version you can view it here


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  1. Love the super cozy tights from Primark!

    Kamila xx